Winning Public Sector Contracts November 16, 2015 at 2:18 pm

This guide seeks to explain the complex processes by which the government buys, in the UK and Europe, and some of the thinking that lies behind them.
Public sector buying differs substantially from commercial buying, but once you understand the principles that the public sector procurement system is based upon, selling to it isn’t more difficult, just different.  This guide shows you where the formal procurement rules can be bent (but not broken) and where the process can be harnessed to gain competitive advantage.

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What this guide does and how it works

Cabinet Office and the Office of Government Commerce

The buying environment

The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

Fundamental Principles of public sector buying

How the procurement and evaluation processes work

The political scene

Introduction to political analysis

Identifying the targets and influence

Approaching influential people and making it happen

Market intelligence

Discovering and harnessing market intelligence

Qualifying the opportunity

Sixfold position analysis tool and how to use it

Responding to the Selection Questionnaire

Purpose of the SQ and the standard SQ contents

Strategies for dealing with and getting past the SQ stage

Responding to the ITT

Key to responding

Competitive environment

Presentation stage

 What’s actually happening at this stage?

Timing, outline agenda, preparing to convince the evaluators

Presentation traps

Win when you lose

Strategies if you think you might lose

If you are the winner


 Lessons learned

Top traps to avoid and top tips for winning

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