The Evaluator’s Perspective January 10, 2017 at 5:34 pm

An extraordinary insight for bidders


As Bid Professionals, we create punchy, focused and compelling text to convince the evaluators that our solution is the best.  We try to wow them with benefits and differentiators.  We add beautiful graphics and persuasive testimonials.  Then our experts add every detail they can think of to show how good our solution is and how very much better it is than any competing offering ….

…And then we lose the bid!

No one can understand it.  Senior management calls for blood and the Bid Manager is perplexed.  After all, we know our solution was the best and we had given it everything we could think of to show this to the evaluators.

Perhaps, the evaluators saw things differently?  In our experience, it is very rare that bidders have experienced what it is like from the evaluators point of view, and that is where this Masterclass can give you a substantial advantage.

For half a day, we turn you and your bid team into evaluators and demonstrate how the bid and the competition looks from this viewpoint.  The session will give you an insight that will change the way you prepare every bid you submit from that point onwards.  Then it will improve your customer focus and ultimately your bid win rate.

Will it work for you?  Yes – it will!  Here are some comments from seasoned bid professionals who attended “The Evaluator’s Perspective” Masterclass recently:

  • ‘Evaluation section – eye opening, informative, worthwhile. Really useful exercise to do the evaluating.‘
  • ‘Very insightful and thought provoking. Found the evaluation exercise very useful and helped us look at the responses in a different way and really highlights some of the obvious ‘errors’ or things that may annoy the evaluators.’
  • ‘Really valued the evaluation task. Some great takeaways.’
  • ‘Great idea putting us in the evaluators shoes and bring us back to basics. I like the idea of going to lessons learnt at the end of the task.  Thought it was extremely relevant to our job and lessons learned can be passed on to SMEs.’

This masterclass will be led by a professional who has experience of working in both sales and purchasing.  It will include the latest feedback from recent procurement competitions illustrated by experience of large Public Sector bids.

Typical Duration: One half day

Suitable for: Bid Managers, Sales Managers, Account managers and their teams who wish to exceed current performance by better connecting with the evaluators.

For more details about this memorable event, please contact Andy Haigh or ring us on 01227 860375

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