We have experience in leading SMEs and global multinationals to improve win performance.

Pauline Nolan – Bid Manager

Grosvenor Services has worked with Andy on several occasions and he has made a big difference on the projects he’s been involved in. He has a clear and organised approach, is easy to work with, and keeps us on track.

Tim Foster

The sales leadership forum was an interesting and thought provoking event, and as a direct result we did sit down and really analyse our strengths and weakness as a sales team. One area, where on reflection we could improve, has already been sharpened, executed and implemented with our partners."

Kay Groves, Future Highways Programme Manager – Kent County Council

Now that the last session has been completed, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for everything you have done to make this programme of training a success. All the feedback has been positive and the general feeling from all the groups was that the training was well designed, well presented and for many of them a first experience of this type of bespoke training. You have all made these sessions unique and enjoyable and for that I am very grateful. We can now hope that the learning will be taken back into the workplace and the improved skill levels will be evident over the coming months.

Jamie Colville, Bid Team Manager – MidlandHR

I met Andy when he was assisting Guardian Media clients such as IBM and Capita hone their Public Sector bidding skills. I am the bid manager with MidlandHR and Andy, working for Sixfold, undertook a number of assignments with my team and I to improve our Public Sector bid performance. Our bid win rate was about 1:5. As a direct result of Sixfold’s intervention our win rate has increased to better than 1:2. This significant improvement has made a real and substantial difference to the MidlandHR bottom line. We no longer strive to get ‘quality bids’ out on time, but to get winning bids out (on time of course).

Jane Matthews, Bids and Tenders Manager – Aviva

Thank you again for holding your session here at Aviva last night. It was a huge success and I learnt lots about Public Sector bidding.

Debbie Nolan – Arvato

Really impressed with the day. Questionnaire before the event ensured I put some thought into the session in advance. Presenters clearly know their stuff and spoke knowledgeably with experience (which often doesn't happen!). Practical examples that could be easily used were given. Action point sheet ensured something tangible to take away and do tomorrow.

Jon Savill – Hitachi Consulting

Great course, highly relevant and practical advice.

Jo Massey – Head of Bid Service, BAE Systems

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and felt I came away with lots of new ideas for my team and for future bids across the business – thank you!

Tom Cushing – Steria

Very practical and relevant. Has given me lots of ideas and tools to use as part of day job. Excellent!

How will you use the knowledge/skills gained from this Influence, Persuade and Negotiate course in your job?

This course reinforced that interaction and rapport with my staff is effective. This course helped me realise the skills that I have and has given me further confidence with the team.
By being more aware of how I come across during interactions and how I use body language.
I am moving into a new role as Team manager and it was helpful to refresh knowledge on building a rapport and trust with the team. In doing so, it is anticipated that I will get the best from them.
Understanding office politics and the games that are played was also useful to support with influencing practice.
I have brought some pointers back to the workplace around use of names, better use of non verbal communication and mirroring techniques. Also an interesting reading list.
Persuasion, influencing and negotiating skills are essential in many of my activities.

Joe Walsh, Operations Director – Grosvenor Services

grosvenor-logo-2014   We called upon Sixfold at very short notice for assistance with a strategically important bid.  When our Bid Manager was unavailable, Andy stepped in and ran the bid for us.  Towards the end of the bid Peter stepped in and took over. I have no doubt that without the Sixfold team we could not have created a bid document.  However, the document we were eventually able to present to the client was of high quality and easily achieved an invitation from the client to the presentation stage.  Following more coaching from Andy we delivered a high impact presentation and we have now won this contract.  These guys know their stuff and I have no hesitation in giving the Sixfold team the highest recommendation.

Katie Clarke

Great course on skills required to successfully commission, especially as I've been (until recently) on the other side of the fence.  Andy was an engaging course leader which meant we didn't get bored and activities were great especially the buzzers and winning chocolate.

Katie Pettitt

The course was a good introduction to commissioning for someone with no prior knowledge.  A good selection of hand-outs/crib sheets were provided to take away as a guide and learning was consolidated through the "Lessons Learnt" sheet.

James Hammond

The course material has been written in such a way that it can be re-applied to my job role.  The timeliness of the course is respect of the Amey contract start date is especially pertinent.

Viki Hubert

Excellent.  Was dreading it!  But an enjoyable and informative few days.

Emily Hadden

For someone who has very limited knowledge of the subject, I have finished the course confident and feeling able to put it into practice.  Thank you very much to the instructors, I really enjoyed it!

Darren Hickman

Excellent course with great content and knowledgeable tutors

Nigel Cox, KCC

This was an enjoyable, engaging and well -presented course – the content is entirely appropriate for issues that we encounter in our work on a daily basis.  It was informative and I am sure will be of value to me in the future.

Sarah Denson, Kent County Council

Definitely needs to be a two or three day course !  Excellent activities – took me out of my comfort zone but felt safe environment to do so.  Provided more insight into how I work and how I can change this to be more assertive/productive.

Martha Dzimega, KCC

It was a very good course applicable to most aspects of my work.

Tracey Gravestock, KCC

I really enjoyed the course content and trainers’ enthusiasm.  It was good to be away from the office and focus on course content – the group work was positive and relevant.  Thank you.

Omi Mehmi, KCC

Excellent group exercises and able to drill home points to re-call.

Jacqueline Smith, Kent County Council

Thoroughly enjoyed the day – it is always good to have time out to reflect on how I practice as an individual.

Clare Young, KCC

I would have liked the course over 2 days as found this very informative.

Nick Heape, Business Development Manager

Thank you very much for this and your leadership the other day. These notes are absolute gold in terms of future strategy  

Adrian Clark, Liberata

Very good.  Useful to take time out and reflect on this important aspect of bidding.

David Neal, Director of Resources

Peter showed he was a top class facilitator, he managed the size and complexity of the task brilliantly  

Lynne Last, HR Director

Excellent - much food for thought and lots of work to do over the next few months and beyond! Action planning very realistic

Claire Toomey-Robinson, AD Construction Group

Useful discussions - well explained ideas.

William Gray, Managing Director

Many thanks for an enlightening seminar  

George Chandler, Kent County Council

Extremely good - very satisfied with the topic and the pace of the workshop - very hard to put all the material into 3 hour slot but done very effectively.  

Jeanette Whitford
, Chief Officer

I thought this was an excellent event which I attended yesterday – practical and lots of hands on things to take away - it certainly met my agenda for Top Tips wanted.  

James Horkan, Midland HR

Very good!  Could have gone on all day.  Would like details of other course of this nature.  

Mary Fielding, Bid Director

I enjoyed a super day led by you last Thursday . . . I have the ultimate solution for successful bid teams- delegate to you and your company!  

Sarah-Jane Nelson
, Head of Market Intelligence, Kable

We have worked with various other suppliers, but Sixfold is the only provider we are currently working with, have done so for a fair while & intend to continue working with - this is because they are flexible, reasonable and deliver an excellent quality of work. To explain: Flexible & reasonable - we (jointly) had to shift the business model of our arrangement in the run up to the first event. Sixfold responded in a reasonable & flexible manner - exactly what you’d hope for with a long term partner, but not something that always happens. High quality - courses are bespoke; clients are demanding (and from high calibre companies). We’ve had excellent, excellent feedback from clients. I’d also say that Sixfold & Andy are reliable - when they say they’ll do something, they will. Always good in a partner! So, in terms of a reference, I’d have no issues highly recommending Sixfold. I hope this helps & best of luck with whatever venture that you are intending to partner with them on.

Thomas Fehrm, Unisys Sweden

Very valuable!  

Nick Pinkney, Manager Bid Support

Not only was it of enormous value to me, it was delivered in a very relaxed manner that made it easy to absorb. I have taken away a number of very important actions to implement that will make a real difference to our business. Truly stimulating and an excellent use of two days .  

Jan Pearce, Chief Officer

This was an excellent course. It was tailored appropriately to the position of the organisation as it stands. This is one training event that I  would recommend! Many thanks to the tutor and his support team for delivering the 

Jan Oestengaard, Unisys Denmark

Very useful and inspiring indeed!  

Tim Bennett, Sales Director

Many thanks for a most informative and useful session  

Katie Chandler, Kent County Council

Very good, very useful.  One of the biggest success factors was that Peter really understood his topic - more rare than it should be for a trainer - Thank you.

David Griffiths
, Home Office

Sixfold brought added value, not just identifying threats but also highlighting opportunities, Sixfold helped significantly to achieve the mindset change that we wanted, from victim to entrepreneur, altering mindsets as well as transferring skills producing lasting impact.