Responding to the Selection Questionnaire November 10, 2015 at 10:40 am

How do you ensure you get to the next round? We’ll show you how to raise your success rate

The response to the Selection Questionnaire (SQ) is very often a knee jerk response to the questionnaire arriving on the desk. However, if the opportunity is not eventually bid for and won, any effort expended against the SQ is wasted. On the other hand, if the SQ is not completed, you cannot bid for the contract – even though you are the best organisation on the planet to supply what is wanted!

So how do you, with your limited resources get, the balance right? And what needs to be done to maximise the chances of getting through to the bidding stage?

The “Responding to the Selection Questionnaire” masterclass will explore the most common SQ problems and we will use your own real examples to develop a pragmatic approach dealing with them. Together we will cover the eight key strategies which lead to success. By the end of the session you will understand how to leverage the evaluation system to your best advantage and what to do when you cannot fully answer all the questions.

Who Should Attend?

– Those responsible for managing the client relationship

– Senior staff who have direct control over the bidding process

– Senior sales staff

– Senior executive project sponsors

– Internal experts who have responsibility for compiling the SQ response

You should attend the masterclass if you are willing to participate fully, already have some experience in this area and wish to sharpen your skills in order to enhance your future performance.


To prepare you to be effective getting shortlisted for Public Sector work.

One half day facilitated workshop, 08:30 to 12:30 with breaks.


The key content aims will be to:

– Create the right environment to learn some key tips to make your SQ submissions more effective

– Make the session as interactive as possible

– Draw upon the experience of all the delegates


Learning Points

– The 8 strategies to improve SQ performance

– How best to respond throughout the process

– Clever things you can do to improve your win chances

Key messages

– Making Senior Management part of the team

– Qualifying the opportunity

– Nailing the compliancy issues

– Using the scoring matrix

– Harnessing the Market Intelligence

– Priming your references

– Articulation of the benefits

– Storing all the reusable information

For dates when this course is to be run please contact Andy Haigh

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