Quality Statement

Sixfold International Ltd’s (Sixfold) Quality Strategy is to develop an internal culture of Quality Awareness and Performance. Sixfold has formally adopted the Chartered Quality Institute’s Small Business Standard [© CQI MCR 2007]. Sixfold has appointed a Quality Director, Peter Lobl, with responsibility to:

Develop, implement, monitor and continuously improve its Quality Management System.

Produce Quality Plans, to assure specific customer requirements are understood, reviewed to ensure that Sixfold has the capability and capacity to fulfill and are agreed prior to entering into a contract.

Advise the Sixfold Board on Quality related issues and contribute to the development of Quality Strategy and Policies that enhance Sixfold’s Product and Service offerings by assuring optimum Customer Experience.

Customer Experience

Sixfold is committed to providing high quality products, effective project management and outstanding customer service.

Sixfold recognises that Customer Experience is the bedrock upon which its business success is built. Sixfold’s Board will deploy all reasonable resource (Personnel, Materials and Funding) to assure its Customers’ Experience is one of excellence. Each individual of Sixfold’s Board and staff take personal responsibility for their own development, understanding of and contribution to Quality Performance.

Every Sixfold product and service will be designed and built to meet and, where appropriate, exceed the client’s specifications. This includes ensuring that Sixfold will meet and exceed any relevant industry-specific regulations or standards.

Quality Management System

Sixfold operates a quality management system (QMS) to ensure that it delivers consistent high quality in line with this policy. Quality management will be designed to meet the specific client’s needs. Details of Sixfold’s quality management processes and procedures will be tuned to meet the needs of each client and agreed at the outset of every engagement. A Board Director will take responsibility for ensuring effective quality management on each project -more details are given under ‘Key personnel’ below.

Health, Safety and Security

Sixfold International Ltd recognises the importance of health, safety and security, both during each project and afterwards.

The company’s health and safety policy sets out its commitment and outlines its approach to effective health and safety management. The Sixfold processes and procedures are designed not simply to meet legal requirements, but to effectively deliver a healthy, safe and secure working environment for its employees and everyone else who might be affected by its work. Its products and services are always designed and created to meet relevant safety and security standards.

A copy of the Sixfold health and safety policy is published on the company website at www.sixfold.biz


Sixfold recognises the contribution our employees make to the success of what we do. Sixfold is committed to offering its employees fair terms and conditions, ensuring they have the skills and qualifications they need and providing opportunities for training and development.

Sixfold is an equal opportunities employer. A copy of its equal opportunities policy is published on the company website at www.sixfold.biz.

As part of our broader commitment to equal opportunities, Sixfold ensures that its products are created to be accessible and will meet any relevant industry standards on accessibility.


Sixfold understands the importance of sustainability – in design, delivery and in continuing operation. For example, this is reflected in how it:

– Sources sustainable materials and looks for ethical suppliers

– Works with the local community where appropriate

– Creates energy-efficient products whilst minimising waste and reusing materials

– Minimises energy and reduce carbon emissions by:

Using technology to reduce travel e.g. telephone conferencing
Car sharing
Not printing documents without good reason

In particular, it ensures that the design of its products meets all relevant environmental standards.

Quality Assurance Arrangements (Key Personnel in Brackets)

– Management responsibility (Sixfold Board of Directors)

– Business reviews (Sixfold Board of Directors)

– Customer care (the nominated Account Manager)

– Staff and employees (Sixfold Board of Directors)

– Work environment and processes (the individual Associate or staff member)

– Suppliers (the Quality Director)

– Documentation (the individual Associate or staff member and the Quality Director)

– Preventing and correcting product or service problems (the Quality Director)

– Records (the individual Associate or staff member and the Quality Director)

This policy statement was reviewed and approved by Sixfold International Limited’s Board of Directors on 8th March 2007.