Quality In Pursuit of Excellence November 16, 2015 at 1:17 pm

A true quality organisation consistently delivers sustainable performance improvement. Demonstrating quality is crucial to any successful bid and key to generating motivated employees and delighted customers. A quality organisation gains a competitive edge whether competing for new customers or developing existing ones. This workshop builds an understanding of how to integrate quality into the organisation and how to evidence it in a bid. It explores the costs and benefits of operating a quality regime;

– Learn how to launch or enhance a quality ethos.

– Build performance metrics and data that better inform the client’s decision makers and build evidence that enhances your win chance.

– Develop and sustain a customer centric view throughout the organisation.

– Learn how to be recognized through formal accreditation and growing reputation.

– Understand how to leverage quality as a competitive advantage in both bid and marketing scenarios.

Typical Duration: One Day

Suitable for: Project leaders and business managers

For more information about this course please contact Andy Haigh (LINK)