Regardless of the economic environment the Public Sector will continue to spend vast amounts of money procuring goods and services. For the initiated (and especially for the un-initiated) the process of winning contracts is complicated and awash with difficulties as complex rules dictate the Public Sector buying processes, in an attempt to ensure that taxpayer’s money is spent wisely.

Sixfold International has the resources and expertise that helps its clients make sense of the bidding process; from getting past the PQQ stage through to putting together your bid and presenting it in a way that maximises your potential to win.

We have a particular insight and experience in this complex but potentially rewarding area that will give you a real edge over your competitors.

Creating the Winning Bid Team

Public Sector Bidding and Tendering is different! In our experience the biggest reason that bid teams fail to win public sector contracts they are ideally suited for, is that the bid team does not respond to the nuances of the bidding process as well as it might.

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Enhancing Your Bidding Process

Many businesses sales processes are geared to the private sector. Most of these processes are insufficient to handle the mandatory requirements and procedures required for putting together a competitive public sector bid.

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Workshops & Courses

Sixfold has developed an enviable reputation over several years of helping strategic clients win their bids. We have distilled this experience into a wide range of training workshops and courses, all designed to help our clients gain a competitive edge and become more successful in their public sector bidding activities.

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Winning Public Sector Contracts

This guide seeks to explain the complex processes by which the government buys, in the UK and Europe, and some of the thinking that lies behind them. Public sector buying differs substantially from commercial buying, but once you understand the principles that the public sector procurement system is based upon, selling to it isn’t more … Continue reading Winning Public Sector Contracts

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