Politics of Bidding in Public Sector and Influencing the Influencers November 10, 2015 at 10:46 am

Harnessing the politics and relationships to make a difference.

The Public Sector procurement processes go to extraordinary lengths to prevent relationships and direct contact with the decision makers influencing the outcome of a procurement competition. The outcome is that the process can get in the way of our ability to communicate those things which would allow the competition to get the best result.

The procurement processes, by their nature, set up the Public Sector procurement team as the experts when, of course, they cannot have as much knowledge and experience as those organisations who make their living with this expertise. So is it any wonder when the ITT requirements are tilted towards solutions which are sub optimum?

The Sixfold team has 20 years of tackling these problems and presents a workshop which will lead you through some simple strategies to improve your ability to get the decisions made on the best information. It will look at all the routes to communicate with the decision making team, how to get the messages through despite the procurement restrictions and what someone in the Public Sector can do to “legitimately” skew the results.

This workshop will explore the most common political and communication problems in the bidding environment and you will use your own real examples to develop a pragmatic approach dealing with them.

Who Should Attend?

– Those responsible for managing the client relationship

– Senior staff who have direct control over the bidding process

– Senior executive project sponsors

– Internal experts who have responsibility for compiling the Selection Questionnaire response.

You should attend the masterclass if you are willing to participate fully, already have some experience in this area and wish to sharpen your skills in order to enhance your future performance.


To prepare you to use the politics to assist your win chances.

One half day facilitated workshop, 09:30 to 1:30 with breaks.


The key content aims will be to:

– Find out how the evaluators and decision makers can be encouraged to alter the outcome

– Make the session as interactive as possible

– Draw upon the experience of all the delegates


Learning Points

– The ways in which the competition outcome can be influenced

– A simple tool to map the political power structure and how to use it

– Clever things you can do to improve your win chances

Key messages

– Use the political structure to improve win chances

– Understand the ways in which the public sector decision can be manipulated

– Embrace and use the processes

– Watch out for bias and then deal with it effectively

– Do not assume that the decision makers will understand the implications of your proposal

– Challenge the process if it is being used unfairly

For dates when this course is to be run please contact Andy Haigh (LINK)

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