Mastering Public Sector Sales November 10, 2015 at 10:46 am

The one-day course briefly covers the processes for engaging the Public Sector in contract competitions. It then goes on to deal with how you can work the processes and the bidding environment to get a competitive advantage, even if you are new to this type of bidding. The tools and techniques covered will surprise and delight the experienced bid and sales team, whilst explaining why those “certain to win” go on to lose. Then it will show you how not to get caught in the same traps.

The day will finish with a review of the traps and the tips on winning, assembled over many bids (won and lost) by some of the most experienced and successful bid teams in the UK.

Why should I attend?

What are the benefits of attending – how will it benefit me personally (increased knowledge/confidence etc) and how will it benefit my company (making them more competitive etc)

You should attend if you want to go beyond an understanding of the Public Sector procurement processes. If you want to know how to exploit the bidding environment (and stop your team from becoming exploited by others), then this is the event for you. At the end of the day you will have an entirely new perspective on the bidding process and the confidence to challenge the process when it is being misused. Ultimately it will increase you bid win rate and reduce your sales costs.

What will I learn?

What topics will be covered/ what questions will be answered if I attend

From the event you will learn:

– How the process is supposed to work, the choices the Public Sector has to make and where they go wrong.

– How to deal with issues in compliancy with the requirements

– How to exploit Market Intelligence to get an advantage

– How the decision making process works and how to use this knowledge to get better scores

– How to get copies of your competitor’s proposals and prevent them getting yours.

– How to deal with bribes and incentives

– How to get your competitors to waste their proposal generation time.

– How to avoid delivery issues.

– How to get the best from framework contracts.

– What to do if you think someone else is going to win.

Who should attend – job titles/ departments/ ‘anyone involved in…’

This event covers ground applicable to both experienced bid professionals who have worked on many Public Sector bids and sales professionals who may have little knowledge of the Public Sector. It is specifically targeted at:

– Commercial Directors and Managers.

– Bid Qualification team members.

– Sales Directors.

– Bid Directors.

– Sales Directors.

– Bid Managers.

– Bid Authors.

Technical bid team members who may be on a presentation team.

Anyone who is involved in deciding the strategy and content of the bid documents, including partner managers and procurement staff.

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