Free briefing session for sales team on the differences between commercial and Public Sector tendering approaches* November 11, 2015 at 11:18 am

Public Sector Bidding and Tendering is different! In our experience there is one common reason that bid teams lose contracts they should have won.  It is that the bid team does not understand the opportunities that this difference creates.

There are numerous ways that the formal, transparent process can be finessed, but many of these are not obvious to any but the most seasoned Public Sector experienced bid professionals.

Within Sixfold we know how important it is to get the different contributors to the bid to understand and then respond correctly to these fundamental differences between the approach to a “Commercial” bid and one destined to be submitted to the Public Sector.  We know how much time and rework can be saved by getting this cultural shift right at the outset.  We know how to get this message across to your entire team of authors, managers, reviewers and final approvers.  But it needs to be done before the bid is underway and to everyone within your organisation who may have influence over the contents of the bid.


If you have a strategic Public Sector bid on the horizon and you want to prepare in the best way you can, or if you are new to Public Sector bidding and want to bring your team’s thinking to at least equal that of your more established competitors, we will be happy to present your team with a 2 hour interactive briefing session at no charge.*  Even if you do not have a specific bid in mind, this short session could make a massive difference to your chances of success with your Public Sector contracting in the future.  Our interest in doing this is to help you win and to introduce you to Sixfold’s specialist expertise in this area.

To find out more about the briefing session and to assess its suitability for your bid, please contact me at or call me on 07801 822056.

*Offer subject to location of session and reimbursement of Sixfold’s direct expenses.