Free 2 hour briefing for the bid team on some key points of finessing the new legalisation for competitive gain* November 11, 2015 at 11:24 am



New procurement directives, which came into force on 26 February 2015, made some fundamental changes to the rules governing the conduct of public sector bids in England.  To maximise your chance of winning, you need to know:

– What the changes are

– How they will affect the bids you are involved in

– How to turn these new rules to your advantage (or to neutralise them if they may put you at a disadvantage)

With plenty of examples and valuable insight into the potential influences and effects of the rule changes, our team will walk you through the critical details with a ‘no-nonsense’ approach.  There will be a light-hearted TEAM QUIZ at the end, just to make sure you’ve all been listening, so it’s fingers on buzzers – with winner and booby prizes!  Anyone working in the public sector bid arena needs to be on top of these new rules.

Our Offer

If you can assemble a few interested people and would like us to run this 1½ hour session for your them, we would be happy to do so for no charge*.  If you do not already have an understanding of how to finesse the new rules, this short session could make a massive difference to your win chances.  Our interest in doing this is to help you win and to introduce Sixfold’s specialist expertise in this area.

To find out more about the kick-off session and to assess its suitability for your bid, please contact or call me on 07801 822056.

The Team

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Both   Andrew Haigh and Peter Lobl of Sixfold International Ltd have extensive experience in all aspects of public sector bidding.  An APMP Professional for several years, Andy has developed a range of unique tools to improve selling into the public sector.  He is author of the book “Winning Public Sector Contracts” published by the Guardian.

Peter works with blue chip companies and public sector organisations to improve bidding effectiveness and specialises in ways to finesse the procurement rules and processes in ways that enable bidding teams to create a competitive advantage.

*Offer subject to bid size, location of session and reimbursement of Sixfold’s direct expenses.