Complete On-Line APMP Courses with the Examination and Results

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You can now complete the course and the examination for the APMP Practitioner and Foundation qualification on-line. Sixfold offers both the Practitioner and Foundation courses as a complete one-day or two day package.


The APMP Foundation course is a full day event. You will start at 09:00 and be led in a small on-line and interactive group through the 23 APMP competencies. You will take part in tests, mock examination questions and other interactive discussions in a group. In the afternoon, you will sit the examination. You will get your result on completion of the examination.

There will be opportunities for you to take breaks and we will stop for lunch. However, you should plan on the day being booked out.


The Practitioner course is a two-day event. However, if you are very experienced in the APMP methodology (or have gained your Foundation qualification very recently), you may choose to miss the morning of the first day.

You will start the first day with a recap of the key parts of the Foundation syllabus. You will need a good understanding of the methodology as a basis for the advanced material which follows. Later in the first day, we will introduce material from the Body of Knowledge which is not covered at Foundation level.

The second day continues with more new material. Then, you will have the opportunity to attempt some of the complex (and non-intuitive) questions of the type you will face in the examination.

You will sit the examination as part of the group in the afternoon of the second day. On completion of the examination you will get your result.

What You Will Need

Once you have booked your course with us you will need:
– A laptop or PC
– Your webcam
– Internet access
– Your proof of ID
– A mirror


Please ring us on 01227 860375 to book your place.