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We have experience in leading SMEs and global multinationals to improve win performance.

The Evaluator’s Perspective

An extraordinary insight for bidders   As Bid Professionals, we create punchy, focused and compelling text to convince the evaluators that our solution is the best.  We try to wow them with benefits and differentiators.  We add beautiful graphics and persuasive testimonials.  Then our experts add every detail they can think of to show how … Continue reading The Evaluator’s Perspective

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APMP Foundation Accreditation Workshops and (optional) Examinations

Pass the Foundation Examination and Become Accredited All courses will be run by Peter Lobl or Andy Haigh.  If you wish to know who will be leading any particular event, please contact us. The Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) is the professional association for people working in any sales environment where formal bidding and … Continue reading APMP Foundation Accreditation Workshops and (optional) Examinations

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APMP Foundation Workshop for Public Sector Bid Teams (and the APMP Foundation Examination) – 2 Day Course

Improve your Win Rate for your large bids If you are mainly engaged with Public Sector bidding and tendering you will know how different from commercial proposals this all is.  You have to have all the same good bid communication skills, but you also have to respond to the Public Sector’s counter intuitive bidding rules. … Continue reading APMP Foundation Workshop for Public Sector Bid Teams (and the APMP Foundation Examination) – 2 Day Course

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Opportunity and Account Planning Excellence

With the growing complexity of business today, many organisations are finding it difficult to fully exploit all client interactions to maximise revenues from their existing customers. This workshop guides a team through the process of creating a plan that will mobilise resources to make the most of all client opportunities.

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Politics of Bidding in Public Sector and Influencing the Influencers

Harnessing the politics and relationships to make a difference.

The Public Sector procurement processes go to extraordinary lengths to prevent relationships and direct contact with the decision makers influencing the outcome of a procurement competition. The outcome is that the process can get in the way of our ability to communicate those things which would allow the competition to get the best result.

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Mastering Public Sector Sales

The one-day course briefly covers the processes for engaging the Public Sector in contract competitions. It then goes on to deal with how you can work the processes and the bidding environment to get a competitive advantage, even if you are new to this type of bidding. The tools and techniques covered will surprise and delight the experienced bid and sales team, whilst explaining why those “certain to win” go on to lose. Then it will show you how not to get caught in the same traps.

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Developing an Executive Summary

The executive summary sets the tone for the entire bid. Often it is the only section that is read by some key influencers. It will certainly be seen by all evaluators. Yet often it is written in a rush at the end of the bid process rather than used to set the key messages for all contributors. This workshop shows those involved in bid writing how to craft a winning Executive Summary

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Responding to the Selection Questionnaire

How do you ensure you get to the next round? We’ll show you how to raise your success rate

The response to the Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is very often a knee jerk response to the questionnaire arriving on the desk. However, if the opportunity is not eventually bid for and won, any effort expended against the PQQ is wasted. On the other hand, if the PQQ is not completed, you cannot bid for the contract – even though you are the best organisation on the planet to supply what is wanted!

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How to Win Crucial Public Sector Contracts

How do you ensure you get to the contract? We’ll show you how to raise your success rate. Kable’s expertise in navigating the public sector makes us the ideal partner to show you how to raise your success rate and get to the contract.

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Exploiting The Public Sector Rules For Commercial Gain

To many; the Public Sector procurement processes appear very daunting. However, some companies get in­ credible results by knowing how to leverage the processes to best advantage, even though they may not have the best products or solution. Now, once again the rules are changing and those organisations that can respond most effectively will win the prizes. If you really are best in class, you cannot afford to be knocked out by inferior suppliers who play the game better.

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Nailing the Selection Questionnaire – Masterclass

The PQQ often gets given to the “office junior” to complete and then you fail to get through. Or, you spend days adding to and tuning the response, and still do not get through! Even worse, you are the incumbent and fail at the PQQ stage of the renewal competition.

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