Enhancing Your Bidding Process November 16, 2015 at 1:54 pm

Many businesses sales processes are geared to the private sector. Most of these processes are insufficient to handle the mandatory requirements and procedures required for putting together a competitive public sector bid.

At Sixfold we have developed a comprehensive Consultancy service that enables our clients to develop or ‘fine tune’ their Public Sector bidding process. Many large organisations have worked with us to create or improve their bid process and you can tap into the experience and skills uniquely available within Sixfold to gain competitive advantage.

Over the years we have helped our clients put in place systems and procedures to handle the written and unwritten rules affecting those who sell to governments and Public Sector bodies. We can help you develop your bid strategy and to understand which contracts you are most likely to win. We can help you pre–qualify for restricted opportunities, to get on the long and short lists. We can introduce you to cost effective methods for the production and generation of effective and consistent proposal content. We can help you deal with roadblocks that are deliberately put into the Invitation to Tender to reduce the number of competitors.

Our clients range from the largest UK Public Sector organisations, to multinational IT companies, through to small and medium sized firms in a variety of business sectors.

Experienced Public Sector sales people gain new ideas and insight from working with us. They benefit from being reminded of the fundamental principles behind the public sector procurement process. Sales people who are beginning a Public Sector sales career will gain knowledge and learn to apply processes that are essential to their success.
Andy Haigh