Opportunity and Account Planning Excellence November 16, 2015 at 1:15 pm

With the growing complexity of business today, many organisations are finding it difficult to fully exploit all client interactions to maximise revenues from their existing customers. This workshop guides a team through the process of creating a plan that will mobilise resources to make the most of all your new client opportunities.

Often delivery focused personnel are reluctant to develop relationships outside their current contacts and clients have an incomplete view of what you could do for them. Although sales people will be crucially aware of the need to attack these issues, many of your people who are focused on delivery will not consider it a vital part of their remit to seek new opportunities.

In addition sales people often lack the skills to effectively martial all resources by drawing up effective plans. This is a facilitated workshop, based upon your own business opportunities, that will change the way your sales and bid teams work. Teams will leave with a documented Account and Opportunity Strategy, plus a detailed action plan.

– Increase revenue growth through the identification and successful closing of new opportunities within current accounts

– More effectively use resources through better qualification and improved opportunity management

– Improve client retention through better relationships and value creation

-Make use of all client facing staff to boost your sales resource

This workshop will be led by a seasoned sales professional who has “been there and done it!”.  It will include the latest thinking from the CSO’s sales insights surveys and the new APMP Body of Knowledge, illustrated by recent large procurement competitions.

Typical Duration: One Day

Suitable for: Sales Managers, Account managers and their teams who wish to exceed current performance by creating more value for their clients.

For more details about this course please contact Andy Haigh

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