Developing an Executive Summary November 10, 2015 at 10:43 am

Course Objectives

The executive summary sets the tone for the entire bid. Often it is the only section that is read by some key influencers. It will certainly be seen by all evaluators. Yet often it is written in a rush at the end of the bid process rather than used to set the key messages for all contributors. This workshop shows those involved in bid writing how to craft a winning Executive Summary;

– Develop skills in constructing an effective Executive Summary

– Structure the key messages which must be incorporated to connect with the client

– Learn powerful techniques to produce a hard hitting and effective Executive Summary

– Understand how to use a good Executive Summary to ensure all contributors reflect the key messages and thereby improve the power of the entire proposal.

Typical Duration: One Day

Suitable for: Bid Leaders

For more information about this course contact Andy Haigh (LINK)

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