Company Wide Sales Skills November 16, 2015 at 1:09 pm

The sales activity of a business should not just be limited to those people with the word ‘sales’ attached to their role or title. Yet all client facing staff have a sales role to play which is very rarely recognised or acknowledged. This course encourages client facing staff to keep a look out for additional revenue opportunities and gives them the skills to qualify and develop them to a sensible degree.

Why waste the sales talent that abounds elsewhere in the organisation? Whilst many of them may shudder at the thought of being a ‘sales person’, they have the respect of your clients. Why not show them how they can add value to their clients whilst increasing that level of respect and then bring more business into your company. Everybody wins!

This workshop takes established technical consultants and other client facing staff and improves their value to their clients whilst at the same time getting them to identify additional business opportunities. In one IT company, a 4 course programme based on this training paid for itself within a fortnight!

Suitable for: Any client facing professionals who have no or little current sales skills

Typical Duration: Two to three days.

For more information about this programme please contact Andy Haigh (LINK)