Sixfold has developed a wide range of training workshops and courses, all designed to help our clients gain a competitive edge and become more successful in their public sector bidding activities.

All our courses are tailored to the clients’ specific needs and led by professionals with significant experience in the topic. All attendees have telephone access to experts following the event. This is to help reinforce learning in order to help them get the best return from their investment in training. Moreover, participants take away practical tools, methods and ideas that they can put to use immediately.

A range of some of our training is given below. Some are open courses run through our business partner KABLE (part of the Guardian News & Media), others are examples of some of bespoke training we have provided in the past

Essential Sales Presentation Skills Workshop

The need to present is a simple fact of business life. Whether it is an external presentation to sell your company and its products to the outside world, or an internal presentation to sell a product or idea to your colleagues and managers, at sometime we all have to get on our feet and speak.

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Quality In Pursuit of Excellence

A true quality organisation consistently delivers sustainable performance improvement. Demonstrating quality is crucial to any successful bid and key to generating motivated employees and delighted customers. A quality organisation gains a competitive edge whether competing for new customers or developing existing ones.

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Selling High Value (Outsourcing) Services

An increasing number of organisations are choosing to place major ‘non-strategic’ elements of their business with specialist service providers (outsourcing).

Some services organisations must adapt from engaging on many small opportunities to bidding fewer, much larger value contracts.

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Effective Negotiation Skills for Sales

With the growing complexity of business today, many organisations are finding it difficult to fully exploit all client interactions to maximise revenues from their existing customers. This workshop guides a team through the process of creating a plan that will mobilise resources to make the most of all client opportunities.

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Consultative Selling

Using the right questioning techniques you can demonstrate to any member of your customer’s team that you understand and support their agenda, and how your offering will best help them achieve their goals and address their challenges. This workshop will develop the business focus required to best influence your customer; – Develop abilities to use … Continue reading Consultative Selling

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Sales Management Excellence

Your sales management has a vital role to play in achieving this year’s sales targets. You rely on them to coach and motivate your sales people to perform. You rely on them to reinforce training and appropriate behaviours in the field. Most of all you rely on them to lead if you are to retain your best people.

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Company Wide Sales Skills

The sales activity of a business should not just be limited to those people with the word ‘sales’ attached to their role or title. Yet all client facing staff have a sales role to play which is very rarely recognised or acknowledged. This course encourages client facing staff to keep a look out for additional revenue opportunities and gives them the skills to qualify and develop them to a sensible degree.

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Developing a Winning Sales Methodology

Using a mixture of consultancy and training Sixfold will work with your sales management to identify a sales methodology for your team that will Increase salesperson and sales team efficiency, streamline resources and win more business.

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