Welcome to Sixfold International Ltd.

We have experience in leading SMEs and global multinationals to improve win performance.

We have a real depth of experience in supporting strategically important bids and robustly challenging questionable procurement decisions.  Unlike other consultancies, we also advise public sector organisations, which gives us a unique perspective on how to most effectively help you influence the entire bidding process.

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Rules to get a real competitive advantage

Sixfold International was set up in 2005 to share the significant experience that its founding Directors had developed in Public Sector bidding.  Sixfold is now a well-established consultancy and training company with roots in designing and delivering programmes and services that have been proven to help its clients win more business, particularly when bidding into the Public Sector.  The exceptional, measurable outcomes we deliver aren’t the result of luck.  They are delivered by our team of highly experienced facilitators and consultants who are supported by a set of unique tools developed by our practitioners; tools that have been crafted to help improve the performance of an entire bid team.Our primary principles were at the outset and still are, that a successful consultancy must not only deliver results that would not have been achieved within the client company by itself.  Additionally, the consultancy must combine the application of experience with skills transfer so that the investments made are retained within its client’s business.  The Sixfold Directors founded the company on this strategy and credit this approach for the exceptional results that Sixfold has achieved to date.
The Sixfold team’s record of helping organisations to achieve business benefits stretches back more than 15 years.  It has helped many large organisations to improve their business including The Guardian, Unisys, Ministry of Justice, Diageo, Capita Symonds, British Airways, Kent County Council, Microsoft UK and Schering-Plough, and has many glowing testimonials.This achievement was recognised by The Guardian News and Media who engaged Sixfold some years ago as its procurement expert and professional training partner, to train its own clients.  Furthermore, it has published the Sixfold manual for Public Sector sales as a reference volume within its “Guardian Professional” title range.Sixfold consultants have all experienced the challenges, anxiety, emotion and excitement of the development of many formal tenders and the resulting presentations and negotiations.  So we talk from experience about the issues you and your team are facing – and then help you do something about it!  We believe in practicing what we preach.  We continually align our vision with the changes that are taking place around us, striving for ways to improve our ability to support our clients through maximising our own performance, knowledge and contribution.