Developing a Winning Sales Methodology November 16, 2015 at 1:04 pm

Using a mixture of consultancy and training Sixfold will work with your sales management to identify a sales methodology for your team that will Increase salesperson and sales team efficiency, streamline resources and win more business.

– Increase salesperson and sales team efficiency.

– Improve internal management support for new opportunities.

– Win more bids.

With the new sales methodology in place Sixfold then designs and delivers a workshop that will train the sales team, the sales management and the sales support staff on the use of the method. Once established, Sixfold will review the use of the method in your business and show the improvement that has resulted from its use. You will see immediate results in the volume and quality of your sales. Within a short period you will benefit from:

– Consistent and homogeneous sales communications within and without your business.

– Better management visibility of sales activity.

– Better quality proposals.

– Improved win rates.

– Improved sales forecasting.

For more details about this programme and how it could work for you please contact Peter Lobl (LINK)