Nailing the Selection Questionnaire – Masterclass November 7, 2015 at 8:39 am

The Selection Questionnaire (SQ) often gets given to the “office junior” to complete and then you fail to get through. Or, you spend days adding to and tuning the response, and still do not get through! Even worse, you are the incumbent and fail at the SQ stage of the renewal competition.

We know that the response to the Selection Questionnaire can be a “knee jerk” response to the questionnaire arriving on the desk. However, if the opportunity is not eventually bid for and won, any effort expended against the SQ is wasted. On the other hand, if the SQ is not completed, you cannot bid for the contract – even though you may be the best organisation on the planet to supply what is wanted! With new procurement legislation extending the scope of opportunities to use the SQ and the nature of the SQ changing with impending standardised EU templates, it gets ever more complex.

So how do you, with your limited resources get, the balance right? After all, you are now entering a process which seeks any reason to “legitimately” reject your submission. If your response can be ruled out for some simple issue at the start, this is a legitimate way for the Public Sector evaluator to avoid spending any more time scrutinising the remainder of your document. So this event is your opportunity to learn from specialists who will show you how to prepare your response in the way that is most likely take you through to the next stage.

The “Responding to the Selection Questionnaire” masterclass will explore the most common SQ problems, will examine the impact of the new rules and will introduce best practice from the market. We can use your own real examples to develop a pragmatic approach dealing with the problems and can share the wide ranging experiences with the rest of the group.

This event is designed for those people who really need to make a difference to your Public Sector sales results. It is set up to provide “golden nugget” information to Sales Directors, Sales Team members and senior sales support staff. If you are involved in managing or contributing to your company’s SQ responses, this event will be an investment which will give a return many times over.

A recent delegate at this event said “I was getting long-listed for a lot of my SQs but after using the approach Andy and Peter described, it is really unusual for us to not be selected. All this and my day-to-day workload has actually reduced! A big thank you to you both.”

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