APMP Foundation Accreditation Workshops and (optional) Examinations September 7, 2016 at 10:17 pm


Pass the Foundation Examination and Become Accredited

All courses will be run by Peter Lobl or Andy Haigh.  If you wish to know who will be leading any particular event, please contact us.

The Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) is the professional association for people working in any sales environment where formal bidding and tendering takes place.  APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency.

The APMP accredits its members at three levels of increasing competence; Foundation, Practitioner and Professional.  Once certified, recent salary surveys have shown that these members earn an average of 15% more than their peers.

Even more attractive is that organisations with accredited professionals get an increase in bid win rate and a lower cost of sales.  In addition, the entire business will benefit from consistency in approach and awareness of global best practice.

To start you down this road, we will guide you through the Foundation level syllabus and the examination itself, maximising your chances of passing first time.  You can take the accreditation examination on the same day as the training, whilst all the training information is fresh in your mind.

The next stage is a half-day workshop for Foundation level accredited members who would like to proceed to Practitioner level and complete the Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ).

Unlike Foundation Level, there is not an exam for APMP’s Practitioner Level Certification.  Instead you must complete a 35 question Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ).  This is designed to provide objective evidence from your professional experience record to substantiate your Practitioner level application to an evaluator.   A certified assessor will evaluate your PPAQ against the Practitioner Standards and Guidelines then perform a random check of evidence with your reference.

This half day workshop is followed by an optional half day to coach you through the completion of more questions and then remote support as you near the questionnaire completion.

Prerequisites:  Note, APMP membership is required to enter the examination within these packages (substantially higher charges are applied by the APMP for non-members)

Foundation Accreditation

Suitable for:  Sales professionals who wish to enhance their ability to succeed at winning formal bids and tenders, including public sector bids.

Duration: One full day – typically 09:00 to 17:00 or 09:30 to 17:30 depending upon the venue.


  • Silver Package – £465 (ex VAT)
  • Gold Package – £550 (ex VAT) – Includes post course support and a free examination retake

Both packages include Sixfold’s “secret weapon” to help answering the examination questions.

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Practitioner Accreditation

Participation in his workshop will require that you have gained your Foundation level certification

Suitable for:  Sales professionals who wish to lead others to succeed at winning formal bids and tenders, including public sector bids.

Duration: One half day – typically 09:00 to 12:00 or 09:30 to 12:30 depending upon the venue.

Optional follow on:  One half day individual coaching (in a group setting) and remote support by phone and email to the point the PPAQ is submitted

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Prerequisites: Note, APMP membership is required for all APMP item fee levels within these packages (higher charges are applied by the APMP for non-members).  Click here for APMP membership registration information.

Discounts may be available for in-house events and/or multiple bookings.  For more information about this course please contact Andy Haigh



Testimonials to our instructors’ ability to deliver engaging and effective courses

“Not only was it of enormous value to me, it was delivered in a very relaxed manner that made it easy to absorb. I have taken away a number of very important actions to implement that will make a real difference to our business. Truly stimulating”

Nick Pinkney – Manager Bid Support

“I enjoyed a super day led by you last Thursday… I have the ultimate solution for successful bid teams- delegate to you and your company!”

Mary Fielding – Bid Director

“Our bid win rate was about 1:5.  As a direct result of Sixfold’s intervention our win rate has increased to better than 1:2.  This significant improvement has made a real and substantial difference to the MidlandHR bottom line. We no longer strive to get ‘quality bids’ out on time, but to get winning bids out (on time of course).”

Jamie Colville – Bid Team Manager

“Thank you again for holding your session here at Aviva last night. It was a huge success and I learnt lots about Public Sector bidding.”

Jane Matthews – Bids and Tenders Manager Aviva

“I thoroughly enjoyed my day and felt I came away with lots of new ideas for my team and for future bids across the business – thank you!’

Jo Massey – Head of Bid Service, BAE Systems

“Many thanks for an enlightening seminar”

William Gray – Managing Director

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